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About C Thing Software
Baron Roberts, P.E.
Baron Roberts is the founder of C Thing Software and its chief developer. Baron has a diverse background in engineering starting with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University followed shortly by a Masters in Computer Science from Santa Clara University. Some random highlights of his career include owning one of the first Altair 8800 personal computers when he was in High School (1976), applying strain gages to 17" diameter piston from a very large diesel generator while working as a Senior Engineer at Failure Analysis Associates (now called Exponent), creating one of the first WYSIWYG HTML authoring tools Cosmo Create as a Principal Engineer at SGI, and creating programs such as Meazure. Besides running C Thing Software, Baron is a Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn, Inc. in Mountain View, CA.
Cecie (1985 - 2001)
Beloved Mascot
Cecie is a long hair black and white cat. She is the namesake and mascot of C Thing Software. We got Cecie as a kitten in 1985 and she was a gentle, faithful, lap loving, companion until she passed away in September, 2001 (a truly bad month all around). Though she will be missed, thanks to the Internet we can always hear Cecie speak (if you don't hear anything, try this).