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1. Is Meazure really free?
The Meazure program is distributed as open source. The program and its source code are provided under the GNU Public License.     [top]
2. Why is Meazure free?
We love writing software and we love enabling people to do great things with the software we write. To us that is what giving back to the community means.     [top]
3. Is Meazure licensed software?
Yes. While Meazure is open source, it is not in the public domain. The program and its source code are provided under the GNU Public License.     [top]
4. Do you accept donations?
Yes. We certainly welcome and appreciate any financial contribution and will use it to further our Freeware development efforts. Press the PayPal button on our Home page to make a donation.     [top]
5. What platforms are supported?
Meazure runs on Windows 10 all the way back to XP. Windows versions older than XP are not supported.     [top]

6. How do I donwload Meazure?
Go to the download page and click on the Meazure link.     [top]
7. What is the current version of Meazure?
The current version is Meazure version 2.0.1 build 4.     [top]

Using Meazure
8. How do you capture the screen?
We have received a number of emails from users who have used Meazure to capture a portion of the screen only to wonder where the captured image is stored. A common misconception is that the recorded image is saved on the hard disk. In fact, the image is stored in the Windows clipboard. Doubtless you have encountered the clipboard. When you Copy and Paste in a word processing program you are using the clipboard. The text you Copy is placed in the clipboard and the Paste gets its text from the clipboard. Similarly, the image captured by Meazure is copied to the clipboard where is can be pasted into most paint and image manipulation programs (e.g. Microsoft Pain, Adobe Photoshop, etc.). Consult the documentation for your image manipulation program for instructions on how to paste images from the clipboard.     [top]
9. Can I reduce the amount of screen real estate occupied by Meazure?
Yes. Using the View menu you can select which portions of the program you want displayed. For example, if you do not need to see the screen size and resolution information, deselect the Screen Info item on the View menu. In fact, you can reduce the program to only show the menu bar. Meazure remembers which sections of the program are displayed so that the same sections are displayed each time the program is run.     [top]
10. Does Meazure support multiple screens?
Yes. Meazure 2.0 supports systems with multiple display screens. In addition to measurement across multiple screens, Meazure 2.0 supports independent calibration and rulers for each screen. Meazure 1.0 did not support multiple screens.     [top]
11. Why is it important to calibrate screen resoltuion?
If you only care about measurements in pixels, screen resolution calibration is not needed. However, if you plan on performing measurements using any units besides pixels, the screen resolution should be calibrated. Internally, all measurements are based on pixels and are then converted to the desired units using the screen resolution. Unfortunately, the operating system does not know the actual screen resolution since this depends on aspects of your display screen that the operating system cannot access. Thus the screen resolution reported by the operating system is a rough approximation, one-size-fits-all value. Ultimately, using the operating system value for screen resolution produces inaccurate measurements on most display screens. Meazure provides the capability to independently calibrate each display screen. It is highly recommended that you calibrate each of your screens.     [top]
12. Is the help worth reading?
Yes. Not just because we took the time to write it, but because Meazure is a very full featured program. We have attempted to make Meazure a relatively obvious and straightforward program to use but inevitably some features are less obvious than others. The documentation is divided into two major sections. One section describes each feature and the other section provides a task oriented explanation of the program. Please take at least a few minutes to browse the documentation.     [top]

Known Problems
13. Are the crosshair tooltips sometimes not shown?
On Windows XP (all versions) the display of the crosshair tooltips (e.g. "Point 1") is intermittent due to a problem with version 6 of the Microsoft comctl32.dll.     [top]
14. Does the magnifier sometimes lockup?
A user has reported that intermittently the magnifier has locked up. We have been unable to reproduce this problem on any of the platforms on which Meazure is supported. If you experience this problem please email us.     [top]

Feedback and Bug Reporting
15. How do I suggest a new feature?
Meazure 2.0 truly reflects the real world needs of those who use it. This is only possible because people have sent us great feedback and feature requests. Please open a feature request with your suggestion.     [top]
16. How do I report a bug?
You can help us ensure that Meazure remains a top quality piece of software. If you encounter a problem please open an issue. The more detailed the information you can provide the more likely we will be able to reproduce the problem and hopefully fix it. Adding a screen shot showing the problem is a great way to help us and save yourself hundreds of words trying to describe a problem.     [top]